1. Do you have a shuttle service?

No, however, nearby local bus and taxi services are available.

2. Will you accept a credit card payment over the phone? 

All credit card transactions must be made in person by the owner of the card.

3. Can you guarantee the first floor?

Unfortunately, the only rooms guaranteed to be on first floor are the
rooms designated for the physically disabled. You may call ROTEL on the day of
arrival and we will confirm whether or not a room is available on the first floor.

4. Can we cook in the rooms?

Cooking appliances are not permitted in the rooms however, we do have a
microwave available for guests in our first floor lounge.

5. Do you have a restaurant?

ROTEL does not have a restaurant however you can order in from nearby
restaurants. Pamphlets are available in the room.

6. Do you have a washer & dryer on the premises?

Yes, the cost is $1.00 to wash and $1.00 for the dryer.

7. Do you have fridges in the rooms?

Yes, all rooms have a small fridge.

8. Are there other ROTELs in Canada?

We are the only ROTEL in Canada and are situated in Ottawa, Ontario.

9. Are your facilities frequently used?

Yes, ROTEL has an average occupancy rate of 80% and we are sometimes completely booked. Be sure to reserve asap.